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(912) 729-9042
THE TIN MEN was doing vinyl before vinyl was cool.  Boo Kinsey was a certified installer in the early
seventies of aluminum and steel sidings and soffits.  At his period in time vinyl was in it’s early
existence and most consumers were using either aluminum or steel sidings.  Boo was fortunate
enough to partner with David Earl Strickland whose many years as a maintenance supervisor and his
knowledge of construction has had a huge impact in the quality of work that you have come to expect
from The Tin Men.  

There are many vinyl products on the market today and The Tin Men use only the best that the industry
has to offer in
Alside building products.  If you are building or remodeling insist that your contractor use
The Tin Men to cover your eaves with Alside’s
Charter Oak premium vinyl soffit material.  Charter Oak
is the only siding and soffit material on the market today with the exclusive
TriBeam design.  Thanks to
TriBeam, Charter Oak is the most rigid vinyl soffit on the market. It spans uneven surfaces and delivers
an exceptionally even course line while resisting sagging and twisting over long runs. Charter Oak
soffit is an attractive, low-maintenance option for porch ceilings, large overhangs, or anywhere you
want to create high impact visual appeal. For eaves, specify Charter Oak ventilated soffit paneling.
Aeration openings hidden inside the panel's grooves provide the air flow that reduces heat and
humidity build-up in attics.

When it comes to vinyl siding and soffits, you may get it cheaper but you will never get the quality The
Tin Men has to offer.  So, if you see an installer with a staple gun in hand, BEWARE.  Staples rust over a
period of time and does not allow the siding and soffit to expand and contract as it should.  The Tin Men
NEVER use staples and only use siding nails or screws to secure our product to your home or
business.  Quality and workmanship are what makes The Tin Men the best in the business today.

Don’t let your contractor dictate what product to use to protect your home, insist they call The Tin Men
and rest assured you are receiving the best product and workmanship the industry has to offer.  
REMEMBER, you can call us now or call us later.  It always cost more the second time around.  Call us
and let us help you  increase the value of your home.