(912) 729-9042
(912) 729-9042
The Tin Men prides itself on helping you design and construct the best pool enclosures in our
area.  Our enclosures as with all our projects, The Tin Men uses only the best materials on the
market today.  The Tin Men
NEVER uses light wall materials on any of our projects and only
uses 20 X 20 mesh no-see um screens in order to keep the smallest insects out of your
swimming pool area.    If you have a gable roof off the back of your house, The Tin Men can
design an enclosure to mirror the design of your home.  Don't let your swimming pool
contractor dictate to you who should build your enclosure.  Pool contractors are just that, pool
contractors and often make money off the customer by having them buy the package deal.  
This is more money in their pocket.  Insist on using The Tin Men as we are a well established
business, licensed and insured and have an easy to find location in order to take care of any
problems you may have.  Need help finding a pool contractor?  Call The Tin Men and let us
recommend a reputable pool dealer for you today.  We are always here to help you find any
service you may need and will never make a dollar off the services of another company.  We
eliminate the kick backs.